Ski Rental That Does Good

We work hard to be better

Doing the right thing

We have teamed up with One Tree At A Time to help reduce our environmental impact by:

  • Making the move to eco friendly wax.
  • Changing our purchasing policy to favor suppliers who are also trying to do good.
  • Monitoring our electricity usage.
  • Creating a recycling culture.
  • Reducing fuel consumption where possible.
  • Reducing our water usage.

We also support Snow Camp with financial donations and support. A fantastic charity supporting young people.

One Tree at a Time

This winter we are supporting One Tree, a local non-profit set up to educate people and companies on environmental issues and helping them reduce their impact.

The ski industry produces huge amounts of carbon dioxide and vast amounts of waste. Large sums of CO2 are created through travel, food, heating and construction, directly damaging the natural environment our sport relies on.

Businesses operating in the mountains create huge amounts of waste in the form of surplus food, plastic packaging and greenhouse gas emissions. Along with One Tree we shall be making changes and planting trees.

More information can be found on their website

And if you’re looking for new gear for your upcoming trip, check out their online store

Snow Camp

Snow-Camp is a youth charity whose work with disadvantaged inner city young people has developed rapidly since being established in London in 2003.

Their programmes support young people by combining snow-sports lessons and intensive youth work sessions to engage, challenge and motivate young people, transforming attitudes and behaviour and developing key life-skills.

Young people progress through four linked Snow-Camp programmes over the course of a year, developing a passion for snowsports and leading to a Snowsport Instructor qualification and employment opportunities.

More information can be found at their website

Excellent service, couldn’t be more accommodating with a large group. They made it easy and efficient. Thank you