outerwear rental

Jackets and trousers to keep you warm on the slopes

At White Storm, we have decided to offer outerwear rental, as part of our partnership with One Tree at A Time.

There is an insane amount of perfectly good ski clothing out there, that’s just not being used, and will most likely end up in a landfill or incinerator.

So we decided to rent it out instead, and give the profits to a charity we believe in.



Why Rent Outerwear?

  1. HOME SPACE. Our own outfit takes space in your closet. All. Year. Round.
  2. EASE OF TRAVEL. It takes space in your suitcase. Which you are charged for.
  3. REDUCE WASTE. Don’t be responsible for yet another item of trash. Lower your footprint.
  4. DO GOOD. Rent an outfit locally and support a charity working to lower the impact of the sport we love.

What's available?

We carry adult jackets and trousers, and sizes range from XS to XXL.

Black, blue, purple, yellow, flower print, there’s all sorts. Always warm and waterproof.

It’s all quality outerwear, that’s been donated, by individuals, brands or local companies.

Some of it was brand new, with tags on. Some might have needed a repair.

Either way, it’s checked, double checked, and washed regularly. It’s mountain-perfect.

Fantastic service. Delivery of kit to the chalet was in the late evening because of travel delays. Great communication throughout. Kit first class, some brand new. Ski edges sharp. Careful professional boot fitting. Nothing too much trouble. My daughter’s boot started to rub on day 2. Someone (Marcus) came up to the chalet with a replacement the same night. Collection and return simple. Best ever ski hire experience. Will use next year. Also good value compared to other companies

Scenic Family - 1/2/23 - TRIPADVISOR